Reserved Truck Parking at Your Fingertips!

One of our top priorities at RoadRunner is to make drivers’ lives more comfortable and convenient. RoadRunner Truck Parking gives you peace of mind by ensuring you have a parking spot whenever and wherever you need it most, and we’re working hard to make your experience even better.

Professional Drivers have expressed frustration over not being able to find a parking space at the end of their day. With Reserved Truck Parking, no matter what time you get to the site, your space will be waiting for you. You can reserve a space by calling: (320) 774-0985

For single day reservations, you can check-in to your Reserved Parking space any time after 4 pm. Check-out time is 3 pm the day of departure.

If you are late, no worry, ,the space is yours from 4pm until 3pm the day of your departure. You are free to arrive at whatever time suits you.

When you arrive at the site, simply pull into the fuel islands and call the Fuel Desk at (320) 774-0985, or walk inside if you so choose, and let them know you are there.
Our Reserved Parking representative will escort you to your parking space.

Reserved Parking fees are not refundable.

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